Emily became a new mum just before the UK went in to lockdown, and like many other mamas, felt like she’d missed out on so many enjoyable mum-and-baby groups. She also noticed the lack of opportunity to meet new friends and like-minded parents in baby friendly spaces. When lockdown finally ended, she was frustrated with the lack of indoor toddler-friendly places in Bristol, where she could get a coffee without the fear of keeping Teddie entertained at the table.
The Gossip Play Cafe is an extension of the already established Bristol based Gossip brand, something which has grown with Emily as she has matured into to motherhood. With an epic team already in place at The Gossip Nail Bar, Emily took the decision to swap her client facing role, with a purely managerial work from home role. This has allowed her to spend as much time with Teddie as possible, whilst overseeing her business from home. However, being a natural born creative, Emily lacked a place for artistic output, and wanted to create a business that encapsulated her love for motherhood, business, creativity and a heuristic Montessori style play.

Brad, Emily's husband and the other half of The Gossip Play Cafe, was luckily able to continue to work during the UK lockdown. Brad remained on site with his own building company, a labour of love that has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2010. However, since becoming a dad, Brad has felt the strain on his time with Teddie as the building work was consuming many hours during the week. The early years of any childs life are so important in so many ways. It's for this reason that Brad and Emily decided to give other parents somewhere safe and inspirational to spend that quality time together.
Brad has had much experience of working in cafes and bars over the course of working life. With many hours of hospitality under his belt, Brad has always dreamed of one day running his own cafe or restaurant. Both Brad and Emily, want to start a business that fits in with their lifestyle as new parents, maximising the time spent as a family.
Since having Teddie, Emily and Brad have become super aware of the impact we are all having on the planet. It is no longer just our futures we have to consider. The children are the future, and these new parents are on a mission to educate themselves and, more importantly, model to Teddie ways in which we are all able to do our bit to save the planet. Emily and Brad have implemented changes around their own home to reduce single use plastic and waste, and switching to a mostly vegan diet to reduce their culinary impact on the planet. This is something they want to represent at the Gossip Play Cafe too.