We understand how important it is for businesses to recognise the need to reduce waste in the workplace. Nowhere is that more important to us, than the lessons and morals we set to our children. We are focussing our efforts of becoming zero waste and plastic free across the cafe and will be constantly striving to find new and innovative products to allow us to do so.


A few ways in which we will be reducing waste are as follows:

  • Free to use reusable cloths for any spills and wipes in the cafe.
  • We provide reusable wipes for nappy changing and hand washing, we encourage you to use them. (We will do all the washing don’t worry!)
  • We provide eco friendly, plastic free disposable nappies if you’re not living the cloth bum life yet.
  • Our tea and coffee is served in bamboo ‘no spill’ cups, for safety and sustainability.
  • We sell baby food in jars not pouches.
  • All our toys are wooden, and upcycled where possible.
  • We only serve Vegan and Vegetarian food and drink options.
  • We compost our food waste.
  • We recycle any soft plastic that we can’t avoid in the kitchen.