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montessori play, montessori play cafe, Bristol play cafe
montessori play cafe, montessori play space, play cafe Bristol,

Our play space at The Gossip Play Cafe, is designed to inspire independent, heuristic play. We wanted to create a safe space for you children between the ages of 1 and 4 to be able to play safely.

WEEKDAY SESSIONS MONDAY-FRIDAY 10.30-12, 12.30-2 & 2.30-4


We have a sandpit for ‘messy’ play, that isn’t so messy that you have a big clear up afterward. Sand play is not only fun, but also quite valuable as well. Sand play provides countless developmental benefits to infants and toddlers. Playing in the sand is terrific for developing motor skills, building hand-eye coordination, and strengthening muscles. Your child exercises their fine motor skills when they learn how to properly hold a shovel in their hand. And gross motor skills get a workout when they attempt to lift a bucket filled with sand. Almost every movement is significant to her physical development when engaging in sand play!

Ball Pit

We have a Meowbaby ball pit, which is ideal not only while having fun, but they are also very useful in the sensoric integration therapy. The MeowBaby ball pit is filled with colourful balls, depending on the age the child during playing with balls practices motoric skills, strengthens grasp, recognizes colours and develops movement-visual coordination.

Montessori Shelf

We have a montessori shelf, which certain toys are rotated, so you will always find something different each week. The Montessori philosophy encourages placing toys at a child’s level in an organized way while encouraging freedom of choice in play. Separating activities into individual baskets and spacing out toys to make each toy stand out in plain view allows children to have more choice over the kind of work and play they engage in.

Play Kitchen

We have a beautiful Petit Amelie play kitchen. Kitchen role play isn’t just a fun activity for children, it also benefits a child’s development. Young children learn through play and are always exploring and experimenting.

Book Corner

Finally we have a book corner for those that love to read. Early reading ignites creativity, sparks curiosity, and stimulates the imagination in young children. Often, this leads to role-play as children grow which helps to develop other skills such as empathy, problem-solving, and morality.